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When hiring a conference room, the venue is not the only decisive factor. Success is hinged on the overall organisation: the reception, the catering, the layout of the room, the facilities, etc.

One key word sums up our philosophy when it comes to the management of our fleet of meeting and conference rooms: modularity.


A made-to-measure solution for your meetings and conferences

Whether a press conference, an executive session, a brainstorming or focus group, organising a meeting outside the company also takes on a strategic dimension. How can you recreate a setting that reflects the organisation, that transmits its values and its identity? What layout to choose to ensure that the message gets across between the speakers and the audience? As no two conferences as the same: the theme, the audience, the circumstances influence the mood to be created and the logistical needs (configuration of the room, facilities, catering, accommodation, etc.).

To guide you through the right choice of room, step by step, use the room configurator. It will help you fine tune your request and to identify the room and the venue that best suits you.


Martin’s Hotels is a pioneer on the Belgian « conference hotel » market. See also our corporate accommodation and catering conditions. We make a point of looking after our guests, before, during and after working hours.

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