Theme nights

Zen night

Allow yourself to be transported to the art of well-being... for an evening at the Château du Lac as captivating as it is unforgettable! Immerse yourself in an atmosphere full of serenity. An extraordinary evening in the guise of an invitation to travel.


The Ceremony Awards

Experience an unforgettable evening at the Oscar awards in the large Argentine Room at the Château du Lac. Various members of your company will be filmed in advance (in your offices) and integrated into Hollywood blockbusters thanks to an advanced video system. Look-alikes, actors and seven multi-talented dancers will present the Oscars to the most talented of YOUR "natural actors".


Venetian Dream

Venice, its Carnival, its costumes and its masks are the stuff of dreams. We invite you to discover a magical atmosphere redolent of Fellini during this unforgettable evening!


Casino Royal

Experience the excitement of the world's largest casinos in a James Bond, '30s or Las Vegas atmosphere.


Circus Maximus

Excitement and magic unite in this highly colourful programme.


Salsa caliente

An evening of festivity beyond compare, thanks to our Rio de Janeiro carnival!


Other themes on request

We can develop evenings on the theme of your choice to match your messages, values or products.

Alleluias events also has a range of sporting and intellectual activities which can be adapted to all levels of sporting ability!


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